Whew! Well, for anyone who might have seen when that first post is dated, YES, it has been a long time coming. But now that multiple outside elements are dealt with, PLUS the finished products of a Promo VO Reel and a Film Reel, joelsnitzer.com is finally up and running!!!

Things have gone very well between that first blog and now. As mentioned before, I now own 2 excellent VO reels and a film reel for submission!

Auditions and some of the callbacks resulting from them have gone well, the most recent in early November for an Industrial on technology in the workplace. However, my happiest moment was last August- my first booked Non-Union gig! A VO role for NYIT's Convocation video! "Are You Smarter Than a College Freshman!" (Spoiler alert- they aren't! :D ))

I hope to have lots of news for you all very soon!

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